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The 2023 NGA Industry Strategy Summit

About NGA's 2023 Industry Strategy Summit

Our nation faces national security challenges more dynamic and rapidly evolving than ever before. This requires NGA to re-think and re-tool its business models and technical approaches to meet the security needs of the Nation. In that spirit, it is vital NGA and collaborators from industry, government, and academia have a shared understanding of what future capabilities are needed and how NGA plans to build and acquire them.

This unclassified virtual Summit is designed to give members of industry, academia, non-profits and other government elements, insight into NGA’s strategic thinking, and how the agency plans to develop its future operational environment – particularly with respect to the MAVEN program – including the architectures and tools which support it. This level of strategic engagement is intended to further advance NGA’s ongoing dialog with these key constituents to advance the collective partnership and achieve NGA’s national security objectives. 

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We look forward to seeing you on November 15.

Featured Speakers

Schedule of Events (November 15, 12pm - 4pm EST)

Part 1 - 12:00pm

Rick Myllenbeck; Moderator, NGA Industry Engagement Advisor

Welcome and Opening Remarks
VADM Frank Whitworth; NGA Director

Keynote: Setting the Strategic Stage
Tonya Wilkerson; NGA Deputy Director

Program Executive Office (PEO) Structure 
Tim Clayton; Director, Acquisition Oversight

Introduction to MAVEN, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
Mark Munsell; Director, Data and Digital Innovation Directorate
Rachael Martin, Director, Maven
Matt Gurrola, Director, Analysis Services Integrated Program Office 
Todd Johansen, Director Foundation GEOINT Group

Commercial Data and Analytics/Opportunities
Devin Brande; Director, Commercial Operations
Glenn Forinash; Director, Analysis Technology & Tradecraft Office

PEO Technology – Program Highlights /Opportunities
Mark Chatelain; Director, CIO-T

Research Focus Areas /Opportunities
Ronzelle Green; Director, Research

Contracting and NGA Small Business Program 
Kelly Pickering; Director, Office of Contracting Services
Johnetta Williams; Director, Small Business Program Office

Rick Myllenbeck; Moderator
Audience can submit questions via chat for live responses

Closing Remarks 
Celia Hopkins; Host, NGA Deputy Component Acquisition Executive


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Bio - Timothy Clayton, Director Acquisition Oversight
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Bio - Dr. Ronzelle Green, Director Research
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Bio - Celia Hopkins, Deputy Associate Director for Capabilities & Deputy Component Acquisition Executive
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2023 Industry Strategy Summit Agenda
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Bio - Glenn Forinash, Director Technology & Tradecraft Group Analysis
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2023 Industry Strategy Summit PPT
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2023 Industry Strategy Summit Live Q&A
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