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NGA Cybersecurity Strategy 2023

The 2023 NGA Cybersecurity Strategy—in conjunction with the 2020 NGA Technology Strategy, NGA Data Strategy 2021, and the 2023 National Cybersecurity Strategy—will be fundamental to reaching our envisioned end state of delivery of GEOINT supremacy, accelerated effects, and decision advantage. The Cybersecurity Strategy reinforces the tenets of the NGA Strategy and provides the framework for achieving five cybersecurity goals:

1. Advance Access Management
2. Deliver a Standardized, Secure Enterprise
3. Secure Data as a Strategic Asset
4. Lead with People
5. Evolve the Culture

The NGA Cybersecurity Strategy is available for download below.

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NGA 2023 Cybersecurity Strategy
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NGA Technology Strategy

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency published the agency’s technology strategy May 29, highlighting its path to continued GEOINT dominance through improving internal processes and leveraging industry-leading technology. 

The NGA Technology Strategy outlines the current technology environment, the vision for tomorrow and how the agency and the geospatial ecosystem can reach this desired end state. The way ahead incorporates a number of key initiatives;

  • Enable builders and makers
  • Transform digital workspaces
  • Build with customers
  • Treat data as a strategic asset
  • Build artificial intelligence, cloud and high performance computing into GEOINT Mainstream

The NGA Technology Strategy was developed concurrently with the 2020 NGA Tech Focus Areas which details current and enduring agency technology needs.

“This strategy focuses on enabling those who build and make technology to support NGA and the Systems for Geospatial Intelligence,” said NGA Chief Technology Officer Mark Munsell. “We firmly believe that the most important technology problem is not the adoption of artificial intelligence or quantum computing, but fostering a technology workforce steeped in GEOINT and enabling them with an environment to deliver the best applications and services in the world.”

The NGA Technology Strategy is available for download in the associated documents below.

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NGA Technology Strategy
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Technology Focus Areas

The publication of the 2022 Technology Focus Areas communicates that NGA has defined specific and concrete functions and capabilities required to deliver on its operational mission — mission imperatives. For most of this document, rather than focus on the future with purely a technology lens, it will focus on it with a mission lens, sharing the mission imperatives and the key initiatives within them.

The NGA 2022 Technology Focus Areas document is available for download in the associated documents below.

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National System for Geospatial Intelligence (NSG) Strategy

We are at an inflection point—for our nation and for the geospatial intelligence community.

We are at a time of both evolution and revolution. We are witnessing the evolution of the strategic operating environment with the reemergence of great power competition as the central challenge to our security and prosperity. At the same time, we are witnessing a revolution in GEOINT collection and analysis capabilities that is driving fundamental and irreversible changes in the way we do business.

Against this backdrop, the National System for Geospatial Intelligence has the responsibility to harness the power of our collective strengths to provide decision advantage to US and Allied leaders. We must continue to build new, and nurture existing, relationships based on cooperation, transparency, and trust.

The NSG Strategy document is available for download in the associated documents below.

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The 2035 GEOINT CONOPS was developed by the National System for Geospatial Intelligence to provide recommendations for unified development to drive the GEOINT Enterprise toward a collective and interoperable vision for GEOINT in 2035 capable of meeting the strategies that support the National Security Strategy.

The NSG should use this CONOPS for achieving the unified GEOINT 2035 Vision. The NSG should reference the recommendations as a guide when crafting strategies, ensuring alignment to the shared vision.

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Data Strategy

The NGA Data Strategy is a guide for all of the agency’s data that supports NGA’s GEOINT and corporate missions, sources and structures. It is directly tied to NGA’s overall strategic goals and mission imperatives. It recognizes that data is critical to driving future artificial intelligence and machine-learning initiatives. Only by leveraging data as a strategic asset will we create and enable the next-generation GEOINT required for future success. We will triumph by instilling a coordinated and sustained focus on deliberate data governance and management within our organizational culture, making data more discoverable, accessible and reusable while simultaneously creating an entire workforce of committed and energized data stewards.

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NSG Enterprise Commercial GEOINT Strategy

The NSG Enterprise Commercial GEOINT Strategy provides a capstone vision for greater unity of effort and efficiency through transparency and partnership. This strategy is intended to spur new procurement models that allow members of the enterprise to harness the newest sensors, data, products and services to advance the mission. New sources breed new methods. New methods breed new doctrine and policy.

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NSG Enterprise Commercial GEOINT Strategy Document
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The NGA Software Way

To deliver on its current and future mission, NGA needs to deliver useful software faster and more consistently. The NGA Software Way is an implementation guide to supplement NGA’s Technology Strategy and provide additional specific guidance for teams building and operating software.

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NGA Foundation GEOINT Magazine 2022

The NGA Foundation GEOINT Group provides assured, timely, relevant and accurate, data, products and services with a focus on high priority regions of the world and space.

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NGA Foundation GEOINT Magazine
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