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Privacy Program


The NGA Mission Oversight and Compliance, Privacy and Civil Liberties Division ensures NGA protects Personally Identifiable Information in accordance with Federal law and policy by safeguarding the privacy rights and civil liberties of individuals while meeting NGA’s mission requirements.


NGA conducts Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) when developing or procuring any new technology or system that handles or collects personal information; creates a new program, system, technology, or information collection that may have privacy implications; updates a system resulting in a new privacy risk; or issues new or updated rulemaking that entails the collection of personal information. NGA Privacy and Civil Liberties program makes its PIAs publicly available below.

Blackboard Learning Management System
Certification Management System (CMS)
Government Retirement & Benefits (GRB)
Intelligence Community Badge System (ICBS) 
Yello – Recruitment Event Management


NGA produces System of Records Notices (SORN) when it establishes a group of records under its control from which information is retrieved by the name of an individual person or by some identifying number, symbol, or assigned identifier, consistent with the Privacy Act of 1974. The Privacy Act requires each agency to publish a notice of its system of records in the Federal Register (FR). Copies of NGA SORNs, can be found below, in the Federal Register or the DoD Website at .


System ID

System Name

FR Citation


B0228-04  Historical Photographic Files  March 19, 2022 67
FR 12532 
B0228-10  Installation Historical Files  February 22, 1993 58 FR 10189   
B0402-05  Legal Claims File  March 29, 2002 67 FR 15183   
B0408-11  Biography Files  February 22, 1993 58 FR 10189   
B0502-01  National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Public Key Enabled NIPRnet  May 31, 2006 71 FR 30881   
B0503-03  Firearms Authorization Files  March 19, 2002 67 FR 12532   
NGA-003  National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Enterprise Workforce System  November 19, 2013 78 FR 69393  (k)(1), (k)(2) 
NGA-004  NGA Threat Mitigation Records  May 07, 2014 79 FR 26223  (j)(2), (k)(1) (k)(2), (k)(5) 
NGA-007  NGA Management and Execution Tracker (MET)  November 13, 2013 78 FR 68039   
NGA-008  National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Polygraph Records System  November 19, 2013 78 FR 69393  (k)(2) 
NGA-010  National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Security Financial Disclosure Reporting Records System  May 04, 2015 80 FR 25282  (k)(2), (k)(5) 
NGA-013  National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Inspector General Investigative and Complaint Files  July 22, 2013 78 FR 43868  (k)(2), (k)(5) 


Privacy Act requests must be submitted in writing and cannot be submitted through this online system. You must sign Privacy Act requests, which include a social security number and/or date of birth.  Under some circumstances, a notarized copy of your request and signature may be required. Click here for the Privacy Act request form.

Please mail completed form to:

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency 
FOIA/PA Requester Service Center, Mail Stop #S01-SISCS 
7500 GEOINT Drive 
Springfield, Virginia 22150


NGA Privacy and Civil Liberties program reviews, assesses and, where appropriate, investigates complaints and other information indicating possible abuses of privacy and/or civil liberties in the administration of NGA programs and operations. Please note, the NGA Privacy and Civil Liberties program’s duties extends only to the administration of programs and operations of the NGA.

If your concern involves a program or operation administered by another U.S. Government department or agency, please submit your concern directly to that agency.
Depending on the subject matter, your complaint may be referred to the NGA Office of Inspector General or to another U.S. Government department or agency, such as the Department of Justice.

No action constituting a reprisal, or threat of reprisal, will be made against a Federal employee for making a complaint or for disclosing information to the NGA Privacy and Civil Liberties Division that indicates a possible violation of privacy and/or civil liberties protections in the administration of NGA programs and operations, unless the complaint is made or the information is disclosed with the knowledge that it was false, or made with willful disregard for its truth or falsity.

To report a potential privacy and/or civil liberties violation or file a complaint, please provide a written, detailed description of the incident and surrounding circumstances, and include copies of any unclassified documentation pertaining to the matter.

Individuals who wish to submit a privacy and/or civil liberties-related question or complaint may Email: 

NGA’s Senior Component Official for Privacy (SCOP) is Kevin Cichetti. 
NGA’s Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) is Sarah Perez. 
They may be reached at

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